Alfonzo McKinnie Career High 19 Points Full Highlights (10/29/2018)

Uh oh, Toronto, looks like this is the one you let slip away. Alfonzo McKinnie was ready AND willing to be a Raptor for life, and you waived him. Straight up cold-hearted waivement was what you perpetrated on him. And I’m looking at your current game right now, and it looks like you’re getting your butt kicked by the Bucks. You just lost by 16. Coincidentally, McKinnie scored 19 tonight. Put two and two together, people. Those 19 points that would’ve turned your loss into a win and preserved your undefeated season. Oh well. The Warriors are quite happy with him, thank you very much.

On a night where Klay Thompson broke some record that no one even really cares about, McKinnie broke a record which is much more important: his own best scoring game. He had 21 points total in his time with the Raptors (a sign of how bad they hated him for no reason other than that he wasn’t African which is all that Masai wants). He’s been much better with the Warriors, enjoying the freedom of ball movement and playing time, and now he’s scored 19. He hit over a fourth of the threes that Klay did, BTW. That’s pretty good.

This is a good sign for the Warriors who seem to be struggling with finding role-players decent enough to at least play a few minutes while the All-Star quadrivium takes their three-minute breaks. A long, athletic wing who can shoot threes? They keep getting gifted these kind of players by other teams and I’m getting tired of it.

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