Wendell Carter 18 Points Full Highlights (10/29/2018)

The downside of Klay Thompson going nuclear on the Bulls is that the Bulls commentators had no words to spare for their rookie, Wendell Carter, who was having a career night. He absolutely postered a dude, the dude’s arms were all up in there but Carter was still dunking, and they didn’t even talk about it during the replay. Just more blabbering about Thompson and his threes and needing to not let him shoot so many threes. Normally I can count on Stacey King to overreact and say some funny lines during a poster dunk, but… nothing. So disappointing. I might have to check out the Warriors commentators for when it appears in my Dunks of the Month video. Just to get some excitement in there.

But enough about the commentators. This vid isn’t about them. It’s about Wendell Carter Jr. who was a top-10 pick, don’t forget. He hadn’t been overly impressive prior to tonight, decent at best, and even this performance isn’t that mindblowing. I thought it would be better, honestly. He was getting spoonfed for most of his buckets, which is how a lot of great centers get their points, but I really like three-pointers and fancy post moves. Midrange jumpers are so passe.

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