Cedi Osman 20 Points Full Highlights (10/30/2018)

I admit, I said some things that I now regret after Cedi Osman’s first two games this season. Everyone was feeling all excited, Cavs fans were delirious with joy, and I got swept up in the hype. I believe I declared Osman the official second banana to Kevin Love. Whoops! As Treebeard said, “don’t be hasty”.

Osman laid a whole bunch of eggs after his quick start, four of them, of varying amounts of egginess. I don’t know who the second banana behind K-Love is, just that it isn’t him, but the Cavs should figure it out soon because that person now has to become the first banana. Maybe Rodney Hood? He’s got experience chucking shots. I’m personally rooting for Osman to re-find his mojo, and barring that, I’ve been noticing a lack of Antetozizpo in these games.

The Cavaliers were really fun to watch last time LeBron left. I have fond memories of Christian “Flying Hyenga” Eyenga and rookie Dion Waiters. I think this current Cavs iteration can be just as fun. They have Osman, who is obviously off the charts in that category, and combine him with, like… Collin Sexton? Zizic? Okay, maybe this isn’t going to be so fun after all.

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