Kevin Huerter 13 Points/1 Dunk Full Highlights (10/30/2018)

Kevin “That Other Hawks Rookie” Huerter was a dude that I wanted the Bucks to target in the draft. Last year that dude was Jarrett Allen, and see how right I was about that one? Keep in mind that I’m pretty much the world’s worst prospect evaluator, barely ahead of Ryan McDonough. The fact that I liked Huerter (probably because of his skin color more than anything TBH) is actually a bad sign for him. I was right about Allen, but that’s basically the only time I’ve been right when it comes to mid-to-late first-rounders.

Huerter hasn’t been so bad though! He’s performing about as well as a 19th pick should be performing; able to play decent minutes without getting totally embarrassed, but not much in the way of stats. That’s how tons of rookies are, and that’s fine. Plus, he’s still only 20. The young side of 20, even, only a month older than Trae Young. This is a surprise for me because normally white players (I’m just being totally racist for this whole description don’t mind me) stay a bit longer in college. They don’t one-and-done as often.

Which means Hawks fans get like 15 years of primo Huerter action if everything goes right. Hell yeah!

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