JaVale McGee 16 Points/5 Blocks Full Highlights (10/31/2018)

The Lakers might not be doing nearly as well as their fans want (they’re 3-5 at the time of this writing and barely beat a bad Mavs squad), but, hey, JaVale McGee is putting up monster numbers so I’m totally cool with it. I couldn’t care less if the new-look Lakers led by Jabroni Lames miss the playoffs entirely, as long as their failure generates a sufficient amount of scrublights for me to disperse to the wider YouTube audience.

This video barely crawls in under the bar of eligibility because JaVale “only” scored sixteen points, which is “only” a little bit higher than his season average of fifteen. The fact that a McGee scoring fest like this is barely highlight-worthy is awesome. McGee is finally getting utilized in the way that his backers have been clamoring for.

When I’m old, wrinkly, and complaint-prone, I will relish in the fact that I can tell those young whippersnappers with their 5D holographic cortex-implanted iPhonotrons that I experienced the JaVale McGee era first hand. They probably won’t believe me when I tell them it was the best era of NBA basketball ever.

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