Wendell Carter 25 Points/5 Assists/3 Blocks Full Highlights (10/31/2018)

I don’t know if anyone has any highlight-watching energy left after seeing a left-for-dead Derrick Rose score 50 and then tear up as his teammates mobbed him (I left that part out so that I wouldn’t make you guys cry as well). So this video is really more for future people who want to see Wendell Carter drop a quarter and kinda-sorta-almost get a 5×5. I barely have any highlight-making energy left, but I have enough for this.

Someone on the Bulls coaching staff, maybe Hoiberg himself, must have told him to be aggressive after his good showing last game, because he came out hard tonight. 21 shots to get 25 points is not normally something to be too excited about, but for Carter this is great. He was a top-10 pick for a reason, and that reason was not so that he could be a wallflower while LaVine and Parker chucked the air out of the ball. If the Bulls want to have a future, that future needs to include him being a beast.

As I said, he pretty much got a 5×5, with a final line of 25/8/5/3/3. The Bulls lost in the end, but that’s all for the better, anyway. I’m pretty sure they still have their pick, right? Tell me they still have their pick and didn’t trade it 5 years ago for like MCW or something.

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