De’Aaron Fox Career High Triple Double 31 Pts/15 Asts/10 Rebs Full Highlights (11/1/2018)

You know you’re having a good night (or you’re playing against the Hawks) when you have a career-high in the three major statistical categories: points, assists, and rebounds.

Sidenote: do you have any idea how hard it was not to include a joky third category in place of the rebounds? Sometimes I try to actually be serious and this is one of those times. Fox deserves it. I almost put “pizza” instead, which doesn’t even make sense.

Continuing. De’Aaron Fox just had the game of his life, by far. More points than ever. More assists than ever. More rebounds than ever. More everything than ever. It was just MORE. Sure, we can attribute some of the output to the Hawks being the worst team in the league, but most of the credit goes to Fox for just being a beast. He’s been way better this year compared to his rookie season, and this is just the cherry on top.

Except, you know, there’s still a ton of season left. So let’s not call this the cherry quite yet. It could end up being so, because 31/15/10 is a statline that only a few players can hope to reach and all those players are stars/superstars, but he could get 40 or something. When’s the next game against the Hawks? I’m circling that one on my calendar.

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