DeAndre’ Bembry 13 Points Full Highlights (11/1/2018)

After Deandre’ Bembry’s first and only three-pointer in this game, one of the Hawks commentators (the one who isn’t ‘Nique) threw out this little tantalizing tidbit of statistical trivia: Bembry is shooting 47% from three this season. For a guy who has never had (and, I would argue, still doesn’t have) a reliable jumpshot, that’s a nice figure. He’s 9-of-19 from the threezone on the season, which is not high-volume, but it’s not low-volume either. It’s medium-volume.

It seems to me that Bembry’s continued viability in the NBA hinges on the reliability of his three-point shot. If he can’t at least hit threes, then he’s not doing much for you on offense other than occasionally driving spastically to the rim. There’s a lot of players who can do that for you, and a lot of them will have more “potential” than Bembry. However, if he can just hit one or two threes a game while maybe playing defense (I don’t care about defense, but he looks like an okay defender if you just look at his muscles and hair), then there’s a spot in the league for guys like that. Not a very high-paying spot, but a spot nonetheless.

DTB’S OFFICIAL COMPARISON [DEANDRE’ BEMBRY EDITION]: JaKarr Samspon 0.8 with better teeth.

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