Rodney McGruder 18 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (11/3/2018)

I was promised that, when Wayne Ellington came back, Rodney McGruder would see a reduction in minutes. That is what was promised to me. I don’t remember who made the promise, but the promise was made and now it has been broken, because McGruder got 34 minutes in this game even though Ellington was back in the lineup.

Nothing against Rude McGrude, who is probably a great guy in addition to being a solid baller, but he is right at the top of the first draft of my “Players who I am tired of making videos for” list this season. In case you’re wondering, Jrue Holiday was at the top of last year’s list.

I’m looking at Dion Waiters’ injury report and it says there’s no timetable for his return. Since McGruder’s minutes would HAVE to go down if Waiters came back, I’m officially instituting a timetable for Waiters’ return. And that timetable is next game, or maybe the game after that at the very latest. Medical qualifications are unnecessary to make this determination. The only credentials I need are the ones that get sent to me by the IBYNCC (the International Board of Youtube NBA Content Creators, pronounced eye-bink).

So Dion, if you’re reading this, you’d better speed up your rehab so you can be ready to start taking away McGruder’s minutes as soon as tomorrow.

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