Jaren Jackson 15 Points/5 Blocks Full Highlights (11/5/2018)

Jaren Jackson has been pretty good this year, right? He’s on the Grizzlies, so no news of his exploits ever escapes a 50-mile radius around the arena, but from what little I’ve seen of him, he’s looked decent. Except for that three-ball. The scouts were right about that one; it doesn’t look very workable on an NBA level.

But this video isn’t about his non-existent shooting touch. This video is about his ability to flash into the paint, receive a pass from Marc Gasol, and dunk the ball through the rim. A quick scouting report made by watching this video indicates that that play was successful 100 percent of the time, I significant improvement from whatever else the Grizzlies were trying to do. At one point the commentator is literally begging for it to be run more often. What’s Jonas Jerebko going to do about it?

This video is also about his shot-blocking ability. Stats nerds will enjoy the fact that he kept the ball in play on his rejections, but fans of actual basketball will be sad to see that he wasn’t defying gravity with insane weakside volleyball spikes.

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