Jeremy Lin 19 Points Full Highlights (11/6/2018)

I guess I can put away for now the obituary/eulogy I had written up for Jeremy Lin. I saw how poorly he started off the season, and knowing that he was coming off a bad injury, I thought that was it for him. That his minutes would slowly dwindle to nothing and he’d be out of the league by next year. It was a really good eulogy too. Really heart rending, emotional stuff. Talking about how much Linsanity meant to me (it didn’t really, but a eulogist knows how to exaggerate to get the waterworks started), how much he meant to the NBA, and how sad it was that he had to pass into the next life, his young spirit cruelly wrested from us by injury.

Then he scored 23, and now 19, and those are two supremely decent point totals for a guy coming off a total legectomy. This is the Lin that I kind of remember from… Houston? Is Houston when he looked this good? It wasn’t Charlotte I don’t think. And to be honest I can only barely remember the Knicks stint. Anyway, he looks good out there. His face is looking a bit weathered, though. Do Asian dudes have the same purported immortal properties that Asian women do? Doesn’t appear so. Yes, I know I’m a horrible racist. It’s all the rage nowadays.

Just saying, if the Hawks still had Josh Magette, the Young/Lin/Magette PG trio would be absolutely the sickest thing ever and would cause me to watch every Hawks game I could. It’d be like a Neapolitan ice cream of PGs. Just the Young/Lin combo by itself is pretty swag, but it could be better.

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