Alec Burks 18 Points Full Highlights (11/7/2018)

It must be that time of the year were Alec Burks plays good for a couple games leading everyone (well, all the people paying attention to Burks, so about a dozen) to think that he’s going to be good consistently now, and then he goes back to normal after five games or so. It really feels like that time of the year to me.

He’s, uh, leading the league in three-point percentage right now. 10 for 16, 62.5 percent. That’s a pretty low volume nowadays, let me just remind you how Stephen Curry is still shooting over 50 percent on 122 attempts this year. But still, for a guy who is definitely not known as a three-baller, Burks is shooting them well.

That’s what you get in this video. Not as much “Houdini” this time around, and you also get a whole bunch of rambling by some former player (or something) instead of the real commentators commentating on the real game. Burks destroying the ankles of Wesley Matthews gets nary a mention, and that’s a dayum shame.

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