Davis Bertans 19 Points Full Highlights (11/7/2018)

We’re heading into the home stretch, Davis Bertans-iacs. Only one more season of Gregg Popovich misusing and abusing Bertans, not giving him the minutes he deserves, not giving him the green light he deserves, and making him dress up in a poodle costume and putting him in a hastily constructed wooden shack called “Popovich’s Doghouse” instead of letting him sit on the bench.

I lied about that last one, pretty obviously too, but those other ones are what I really believe is happening. Popovich has evaded criticism because of how well he was gifted several in-prime superstars, but DownToBuck cares not for hardly-earned championship rings. He’s a good coach, sure, but he messed up. Sometimes big-time, sometimes little-time (he marginalized Joel Anthony just a little too much IMHO), but all of the time he walks away unscathed.

No longer. I’m calling him out. I’m CALLING him OUT. RIGHT NOW! Popovich, you taint-muncher, you suck at giving Bertans the playing time he has EARNED with his SMOOTH and PROVOCATIVE shooting STROKE! And did you forget that he could also fly high for big Latvian dunks? I bet you did, you dementia-riddled fartknocker. I can’t wait for these Spurs to reach their full potential without you.

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