Eric Bledsoe 26 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (11/8/2018)

After years of banishment on the unofficial DTB Exclusion List (which has now been codified into the OFFICIAL DTB Exclusion List), Eric Bledsoe makes his much-heralded return to my channel in grand fashion, scoring 26 points on a hyper-efficient 10-of-12 shooting and even throwing in a half-dozen dimes. Not only that, but he pretty much led the Bucks to a dominating win over Stephanie Lurry, Kevin Durcupcake, Klay Thompson, and the Larriors.

You know how they say you should go to the doctor if your…you know…lasts longer than four hours? Well, it’s the next morning and I’m still dealing with it. Maybe I should call 911.

Anyway, we’re talking about Bledsoe here, not other things. This dude was a 20 PPG scorer in Phoenix, which is why he dropped off my channel in the first place. When the Bucks got him, I wasn’t, like, way too hyped, but I was a little bit excited because there was at least one season where you could make the argument that Bledsoe was a top 10 PG in the league. The Bucks never had a PG who was top ten in anything other than bricking shots or making bad decisions with the ball (looking at you, MCW). I was excited for a new era of Bucks basketball with a competent point guard. Not even a star point guard. Just a competent one.

I got my wish, because Bledsoe has been roughly as good as I expected, and he occasionally has games like this where he looks like Bledsoe of his Phoenix Prime Seasons (BOPPS). Maybe I would be happier of BOPPS made more regular appearances, but the Bucks are playing so well right now that I’m not going to argue.

(Note: I have no idea where the audio went on some of these clips. As always, the likely culprits are [in order of likelihood]: Adam Silver, aliens, rival highlight makers, butthurt TNT executives)

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