Montrezl Harrell 19 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (11/8/2018)

Does that thumbnail look really… arty? To you? Like it looks like a piece of art you’d find in a hip restaurant or something? I’m entranced. It’s like somebody painted it and made it look almost real but not quite. Look at those colors. The predominant dark brownish-red. The use of light and shadow. The brush strokes. I’d definitely hang that up in my house, right next to the framed wrapper of my first-ever Hot Pocket.

Anyway, Montrezl “Ottzwz” Harrell, even if he looks like a painting sometimes, is still a beast on the basketball court. He’s been a little quiet since that 30-point massacre of his former team, but he’s still ultra-efficient and doesn’t seem to be sulking as Boban Marjanovic grabs the starting gig instead of him. At least, I assume he’s not sulking because the Clippers commentators keep talking about how much fun the team is having and sulking is not conducive to fun. If anyone should be sulking it’s Marvin Gortat. He really sucks now.

Harrell feasted on players not named Jusuf Nurkic tonight. Aside from him, the Blazers have a cadre of semi-soft centers, and Harrell took full advantage. You think Meyers Leonard, who at one point looked 100 percent like a girl with that headband he used to have, has any chance against him? No way. Same with Zach Collins. There’s just too much girth going on with Harrell.

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