Pat Connaughton 15 Points/2 Dunks Full Highlights (11/8/2018)

These highlights would be good except for the fact that Reggie Miller keeps pronouncing Connaughton as “Connington”. I don’t know if its just an accent thing or if he’s really just confused by the large amount of letters in Connaughton’s last name. I mean, you gotta put some respeck on this guy’s name. He added some crucial buckets in the second quarter when the Bucks were flagging a little bit.

Also, while we’re on the subject of Reggie Miller, check out the last clip in this video. Is it acceptable to say that Connaughton “put two brothas on a poster”? One one hand, that’s exactly what happened (I count two brothas getting postered by a dude who is not a brotha, or is at most an honorary brotha); on the other hand, I feel like the whole sequence was given racial connotations (connaughtations?) that it shouldn’t have been given. Not that I care too much. For once, Reggie came up with some creative commentary that made me snicker instead of me just praying that the ball hits him in the face mid-sentence.

Also, Connaughton only had twelve points last night because banked-in threes absolutely do not count. Ever.

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