Shai Gilgeous-Alexander 19 Points Full Highlights (11/8/2018)

I’ve sort of been ignoring Shai Gilgeous-Alexander this season, and I’m sorry. He scored 11 in his debut, which might be enough points for a second-round rookie, but isn’t enough for an 11th pick like him. Two games later, he scored 12, but since that came so close after his 11, I was like “well obviously this dude can score the basketball so I’m just going to hold out until he scores 15 which will probably be next game”. I said those exact words out loud, no one heard them except my tubby little kitty Japurri Purrker, but he can attest to the fact that they were said.

So that was my reasoning. It’s not flawless, but there is some logic there. Now Gilgeous-Alexander has scored 19, which is definitely for sure good enough for me to pay attention, so we can put this whole mess behind us.

I’m trying to remember if this is the guy who fancy statistical models predicted would be a huge bust based on his college production/measurables/previous NBA players who were similar and busted out. If he is indeed that player, well, the model must be wrong because he doesn’t look like a bust at all. He’s not amazing or anything, but I think he plays with poise. Or something. Clippers fans, does SGA (not typing all that crap out again sorry not sorry) play with poise? I trust your expertise on the matter.

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