T.J. Warren 29 Points Full Highlights (11/8/2018)

I managed to get this video done during the timeouts/quarter breaks of the very fun (for me) Bucks vs. Warriors game. I’m having a hard time thinking about anything other than how awesome the Bucks are right now, but that doesn’t mean I’m not hyped for Warren. The Suns lost in horrendous fashion, but who cares, they’re tanking anyway, and I just frickin’ love Warren. He scored 29! Just like last year! I’m having fun times remembering all those huges games he had without free throws or three-pointers. Those were the days, before his new coach decided that he was going to marginalize him for no reason.

The Bucks are really kicking the Warriors’ butt, by the way. Something something four hours blah blah blah contact your doctor yada yada.

Warren, unlike last year, actually had a bunch of threes AND free throws tonight! He also had his usual Warren buckets, but apparently the usual Warren buckets aren’t what Kokoskov wants. I don’t get what the problem is with Warren, since the Suns are playing some pretty washed-up veterans, but I won’t judge. Mainly because I’m still watching the Bucks, and I can’t stop smiling.

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