Terrance Ferguson 14 Points Full Highlights (11/8/2018)

Ignore Marv Albert when he says that this is a career-high for Terrance Ferguson. He’s old and isn’t losing it, he’s lost it for a long time now. This is definitely not a career-high for Ferguson. Everyone remembers when he dominated the Lakers on national TV by scoring 24 points including some mammoth hammers. Everyone except Mr. Albert, who probably doesn’t remember what he had for breakfast or which teams are playing in the game he’s commentating.

OKC fans already know, and most other fans do to, but I’ll lay it out for anyone who hasn’t been paying attention: Ferguson has sucked this year. 6 points per 36 minutes, that’s not a typo. He doesn’t do anything else either. A straight-up nothing player, he’s out there for 20 minutes a game as the STARTER, doing NOTHING. Not anything. I cannot emphasize this enough. Andre Roberson at least plays defense while doing nothing.

This was more of a problem when the Thunder were losing all their games. Now that they’re winning all their games, the calls for his head have grown softer and less frequent. If they keep winning, I feel like the narrative will fully shift back to “he’s an important glue guy whose contributions don’t show up in the stat sheet”. And they’ll be half-right. Whatever it is that he’s doing, it’s definitely not showing up in the stat sheet.

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