Collin Sexton 20 Points Full Highlights (11/10/2018)

I’ve felt bad for Collin Sexton ever since that “report” came out that some veterans on the Cavaliers don’t “think he knows how to play”. I don’t know if I trust the report fully, but if that’s the case, why wouldn’t the vets, you know, teach him how to be better? I can’t imagine he’s so much of an arrogant cockbag that he won’t listen to George Hill tell him how to be better. Though I can def see him ignoring J.R. Smith. Or, listening to him, and doing the exact opposite of what he tells you.

How would it feel to think you were doing pretty good at this whole NBA thing, and then you see a tweet on your phone or whatever that says that your teammates think you aren’t but they haven’t even told you in person like man? I’m no NBA player, but I’m the next best thing (NBA highlights archivist), and I think it would feel horrible.

He’s going to be the one laughing when he’s scoring 17 per game in the second half of the season while they all collect DNPs.

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