Tristan Thompson 22 Points Full Highlights (11/10/2018)

There were periods of this game where the Cavaliers feed mysteriously had no commentary. It had arena noise, but the Cavs TV commentators were nowhere to be found. At first I thought they had hidden under their broadcast desk in protest of having to announce bad-quality Cavaliers games, but then they suddenly popped back into existance like nothing wrong had happened. So I believe this was a technical glitch somewhere in the “broadcast truck”, which is like an ice cream truck but it’s filled with AV equipment instead of delicious ice-cream sandwiches.

The thing is, the Cavaliers’ broadcast is infinitely more tolerable when there is no commentary on top of it. Maybe I’m just getting old and cranky, but those two guys drive me up the wall 100% of the time. Half the time you can’t even figure out what Austin Carr is saying. The only time I want to listen to them is when they’re getting blown out by thirty so I can hear them get sad. Cavaliers fans being sad makes me happy because they, through some accident of geography, got LeBron to give them a championship and I’m jealous of that.

Commentary or no commentary, there is no way to make an exciting Tristan Thompson highlight package. I feel like he used to shoot jumpshots but, if that’s not a false memory and he actually did, he’s not doing it anymore. So all we get is hustle putbacks and really janky-looking post moves that look like what would happen if you told a 5’10” rando off the street to post somebody up. It is my personal belief that the only way to make this video exciting would be to sneak some Zach LaVine highlights into it while nobody was looking.

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