J.J. Redick 25 Points Full Highlights (11/12/2018)

My body is ready for the upcoming Philly implosion now that Jimmy Butler is going to be added to the mix. There’s already a weird vibe around the whole organization, and it seems like a dynamic personality like Butler could be the thing that sends the entire thing off the rails. Stay tuned.

For now, the 76ers are happy to win a game against the team they crushed in the playoffs last year. That team was way different (while the Heat stayed absolutely 100 percent the same) because it had Ersan Ilyasova on it. There are some other departures, some more recent than others, but Ilyasova is the main one. He’s awesome. Thanks for letting him go once again, Philly. You’d think you’d learn your lesson at some point.

This game was one because J.J. Redick is an unstoppable shooter this year. These are some tough shots he’s been chucking up there, but he keeps making them, and Ben Simmons thanks him. I’m too lazy to do the math, but I bet Simmons would be averaging less that 3 assists per game were it not for this dude and his proclivity for coming off screens and shooting no matter what.

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