T.J. Warren 21 Points Full Highlights (11/12/2018)

Have the days of T.J. “Warren Peace” Warren being marginalized finally come to an end? Teej has gotten 41, 36, and 40 minutes in the last three games. Those are not the minutes totals of a player who is being marginalized. Those are the minutes totals of a player who has finally earned the trust of his coach, trust that should have been given to him by default giving his official status as a 20 PPG scorer in the NBA.

I don’t want to be too optimistic. I don’t know how this Igor Kokoskov manages his rotations or if his rotations are consistent/predictable. He could, at a moments notice, decide to relegate Teej back to twenty minutes per game and nobody would be able to do anything about it. Except pool our money together and buy a billboard outside the Talking Stick Resort Arena that says “Stop Marginalizing T.J. Warren”. I have at least eight dollars that I’m willing to donate to the cause should it come to it.

What is a Talking Stick Resort anyway? Can we have one in Wisconsin?

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