Jeremy Lamb 22 Points Full Highlights (11/13/2018)

Wow, I was getting all ready to say that the Hornets were maybe kinda good this year, and they go and lose to the Cavaliers? That sets them way back in my eyes. They could win their next 10 games and I’d be like “yeah that’s pretty cool, but remember when they lost to the Cavaliers who don’t even have LeBron anymore?”, which would be a pretty compelling argument. I mean, it’s the Cavaliers.

So the Hornets suck again now. Too bad. Good news is, they still have Jeremy Lamb. Not like Lamb is especially good, but he’s sort of a fun player. More fun than Marvin Williams and Bismack Biyombo combined, for sure.

His fun-ness would be increased greatly if the Hornets arena people would play a sound clip of Gordon Ramsay yelling “where’s the lamb sauce?” every time he made a bucket. Would that not be awesome? It would be, and it wouldn’t stop being awesome even after the 100th time you heard it. Remember, Ramsay says it two different ways, one of them angry and one of them more pleadingly, so you could switch between the two to keep things fresh. You could even clip it so he’s just saying “Lamb sauce” which even makes a little bit of sense, basketball-wise.

Maybe next video I’ll add in my own sound effects so I can make this dream a reality.

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