Pascal Siakam 17 Points Full Highlights (11/14/2018)

Simply due to the extreme volume of highlight videos I’m having to make for the dude, Pascal Siakam is quickly approaching a coveted status among scrubs featured on my channel: THE OFFICIAL “HAS TO SCORE TWENTY POINTS” THRESHOLD. In case the wording isn’t clear, scrubs who reach this threshold have to score twenty points to earn a video. If they score fewer, they won’t get a video unless there are extenuating circumstances (an overabundance of assists, for example). Jonas Valanciunas is an example of a player who has already reached this point. Malcolm Brogdon is another. E’Twaun Moore is a third example.

I think the case can be made that Siakam has reached this point already. The three games prior to this one were all above twenty points, and he dropped another twenty-burger back in late October. He’s averaging 14 points per game currently, so 17 points isn’t even that much better than an “average” game from him.

I would love to codify, and thus legitimize, my OFFICIAL “HAS TO SCORE TWENTY POINTS” LIST, but doing such a task would require me to determine the OFFICIAL POINTS THRESHOLD of every player in the league that’s not on my exclusion list, and that would be an onerous undertaking. I would be tempted to enlist the residents of my “description dungeon”, who are mostly down-on-their-luck graduate students working towards their worthless PhD’s in English or Creative Writing, for help in this task, but I don’t trust their statistical insight enough to allow them to help me with that. They’re only good for writing funny stories.

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