James Ennis 19 Points Full Highlights (11/15/2018)

I am removing Clint Capela from the Rockets’ big three. He’s still pretty good, I wouldn’t really know since I put him on the exclusion list so I don’t see as much of him as I used to. And you can guess who I’m putting in his place, on the back of two straight good (for him) scoring performances:

James “Not Tyler” Ennis.

Yeah, I know I’ve been dumping on this dude for not being very good, but in a supportive kind of way, because he’s never been that good and I’ve never expected him to be that good. Mostly I’ve been dumping on Rockets fans who thought he would be good. Well, turns out I’m just a big dumb-dumb, because he is good, because not-good players don’t just go and score 16 and 19 in consecutive games. They just don’t. When was the last time a bad player (like Tyler Ennis, sorry about your leg bro) did that? Never.

And don’t come at me with some obscure stat that says that a bad player named Primoz Brezec scored 20, 27, and 20 in three consecutive games for the Bobcats back in 2005. I don’t want to hear about it (mainly because I just get sad that I wasn’t around to make vids for him).

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