De’Aaron Fox 23 Points/10 Assists Full Highlights (11/16/2018)

De’Aaron Fox needs to do something about the bags under his eyes. People his age usually don’t have those, but he does, and it makes him look old as heck. I’m not a makeup expert, but couldn’t he put something on there to make it look no so wrinkly there? Like is there a rule that says NBA players can’t use that black warpaint that NFL players use so that opponents can’t see where their eyes are looking? That would be perfect: he’d look menacing and tough, and no one would have to look at those gigantic bags anymore.

I’m just looking for stuff to complain about when it comes to him, as you can tell. I hate being positive all the time, and that’s what Fox has been forcing me to do with his play this year. He’s so much better than last year at everything, he’s got the Kings winning games… it sucks. Can’t he just suck like last year and I can call him a bust and have all the Kings fans disagree with me in the comments section but agree with me in their hearts?

I guess I could diss Nemanja Bjelica if I’m in the mood for negativity. What’s up with him? He hasn’t been good for a few games now. I might have to reconsider my stance that he’s responsible for the Kings’ surprising record and instead assign the kudos to Fox.

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