Josh Richardson 28 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (11/16/2018)

OFFICIAL JOSH RICHARDSON 20 PPG AVERAGE WATCH UPDATE: Josh Richardson is averaging 20.6 points per game this season, .6 points above 20.

I was going to make a really tough quiz where I made people guess the last Heat player to average 20, but then it turned out not so tough so I couldn’t do it. Goran Dragic averaged a hair over 20 for them just two years ago. I guess that’s why I’m still not making highlights of that dude. I was really hoping the answer was going to be LeBron the year before he left, just to make Heat fans feel bad.

Not like they don’t feel bad enough this year. Their oddball collection of handsomely-paid role-players doesn’t have the same cohesion they did last year, or something, because they’re way under .500 now. Richardson seems to be the only one capable of putting the ball in the hole consistenly, which is good for him, but not good for team success. Remember: if a defense-minded player is forced to shoulder too much of an offensive load, their defense suffers. The Heat need to find some other people to score.

No, I’m not implying they should’ve traded for Jimmy Butler. Not for what they were going to give up.

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