Justin Holiday 20 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (11/16/2018)

I wasn’t too salty when Justin Holiday hit three of three from deep in the first quarter of this game. I was way saltier about Jabari going off. Holiday, who is known to be an adequate three-point shooter, is very capable of getting hot for a small stretch of game. It’s not something that’s worth getting salty about. My big bowl of Gardetto’s-brand snack mix was way saltier than me at that point in time. I was actually appreciative of his quick release and Wayne Ellington-esque accuracy off screens, if we’re being honest here.

However, my salt levels went through the roof when, as the end of the second quarter approached, Holiday drained a triple, the Bucks turned it over, and Holiday ran back up and hit another one. I was so salty that it had a permanent damaging effect on my blood pressure. When I went to the bathroom during halftime, it was like dumping an entire salt shaker into the toilet. I could have sold it back to McDonalds to use on their french fries. I was a being of pure salt.

I had to start making highlight videos at that point in the evening so I couldn’t really watch the second half. However, I fully expected for Holiday to continue dominating the Bucks. I was in a bad state of mind.

Then I checked in on the box-score later and he had only recorded one field goal in the second half, barely making it over the twenty-point threshold that he needs to reach to receive highlightage on my channel. That made me feel a lot better. My blood pressure is still permanently destroyed, but at least I didn’t have to make a highlight video were Holiday scored 30, or, God help us all, 40. The coroner would cut me open and find that all my internal organs had been replaced with solid blocks of salt.

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