Aaron Gordon 31 Points Full Highlights (11/18/2018)

In the first quarter of the first quarter of tonight’s game against the Knicks, we were treated to the SLAGgiest SLAG that ever SLAGged. In case you’re not familiar with my acronyms, I’m talking about Summer League Aaron Gordon, the phenomenon of Aaron Gordon performing like he did in all those Summer Leagues that he dominated. Which means: jumpers. Jumpers worth three points, jumpers worth two points, and jumpers where he slams the ball through the net.

If you think that last type of shot doesn’t count as a “jumper”, just look at what he’s doing with his legs while performing it. He’s jumping. That makes the shot a jumper. Do not debate with me on this point; I have already won the argument handily, before you even said a word.

The rest of the quarters were him reverting back to RSAG (Regular Season Aaron Gordon, better acronym in progress). I’ve learned not to get too hyped anymore about huge first quarter performance, so his mere 11 points in the remainder of the game disappoints me not at all. Not even a little bit. Nope.

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