Fred VanVleet 18 Points Full Highlights (11/17/2018)

Fred “Vleet of Voot” VanVleet got his first career start against the Bulls and promptly had his best game of the season. This begs the question: has VanVleet been held back by being shoehorned into the “bench mob” role this entire time?

This game, in addition to showing us that VanVleet is a more than capable starter (he would have easily exceeded twenty points if he had played in the fourth quarter), showed us that the Raptor’s two-PG lineup can work. Sure, it was against the Bulls, against whom any Raptors lineup would probably look dominant, but having affirmation that VanVleet and Lowry can cohabitate on the court might open up more minutes for VanVleet.

My other question is, did whole flocks of people from Rockford drive to Chicago to see their hometown kid? This is where I would make a joke about people from Rockford not being able to afford Bulls tickets, but I’m not going to make that joke. Instead, I will allude to the joke, which has the same denigrating effect on the city and its inhabitants, but when challenged on it, I can claim that I never meant any offense.

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