Marc Gasol 26 Points Full Highlights (11/18/2018)

Brook Lopez is getting a lot of love for being a three-splashing center, but what about some love for our boy in blue? He doesn’t have quite the same volume, and his threes aren’t as deep, but his conversion rate is about the same at a very good 43 percent. Normally when I compare players and complain that one isn’t getting as much attention as the other, the reason is obvious: race. But this time, that can’t be the problem, because both of these dudes are Mexican.

I’m sure Gasol hasn’t forgotten how badly he was mistreated last year, but for now, things are looking really good in Memphis-land. The frantic tanking of last year is naught but a faint memory now, as they stand at 10-5, tied with a bunch of other teams for best record in the West. Gasol is being Gasol, Mike Conley is being Mike Conley, and Kyle Anderson is being the most hilarious player in the league.

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