Marvin Bagley 16 Points/4 Dunks Full Highlights (11/17/2018)

It is true that Marvin Bagley had four dunks in this game. Unlike certain past occasions where the official NBA box-score has lied to me about the nature of a made field goal, these are all, uncontroversially, dunks. However, two of the four dunks are of such a sedate quality that I feel guilty for advertising the amount of dunks in the title of the video. They are, truly, little bitch dunks.

Slam dunks are, by their very definition, supposed to be powerful. When one uses the word “slam”, or describes something as being “slammed”, it is always an act of power or anger. The word “dunk”, again, has a certain impact implied. When one dunks a donut into coffee, that is a strong-willed act; if it weren’t, the proper word would be “dip”.

By those criteria, Bagley only had two dunks in this game. The other two, while dunklike in nature, were actually “deposits”. He deposited the ball through the rim, but didn’t really complete the dunk action by grabbing the rim. The rim-grab is important because it shows that you dominated the rim, that you are the rim’s daddy. If you don’t grab the rim, the rim won’t respect you.

All of this coming from a guy who can only dunk on rims below regulation height. Significantly below.

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