T.J. Warren 23 Points Full Highlights (11/17/2018)

Five straight 20+ point games for T.J. Warren now, and he’s played huge minutes in all of them. Heck yes! Even Igor Kokosostupid couldn’t hold him down anymore. The Suns still aren’t winning any games, but wins are secondary to individual statistical accomplishments at this point.

Although, weren’t there rumors that the Suns wanted to make a run at a low playoff seed this year? That looks so funny now. They signed some garbo vets, got a stud with the top pick, assumed that Devin Booker would magically transform into a winning player, hired a new Euro coach (because Euros are smart and stuff), and it hasn’t worked out at all. Not even a little bit. I can’t even tell what the problem is, probably because there are so many problems in all facets of the organization and on-court product that everything bleeds together into one huge problematic mess.

One at a time. Progress can be made. First problem that needs to be solved: Warren’s lack of assists. Is that even a problem? He’s got 5 assists in the last 5 games, but he’s not supposed to be the one setting people up. He’s supposed to be the one getting set up. Great! Problem solved. Second problem to solve: clearing up the greenish haze of dispiriting malaise that permeates every aspect of the Phoenix Suns.

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