Cody Zeller 15 Points Full Highlights (11/21/2018)

I had a hunch, going into things, that this video would be really lame. I know the tendencies of Cody Zeller as a player, I know how he likes to get buckets (lamely and infrequently). So imagine my lack of surprise when it turned out this video is the lamest one of the year!

To save you from actually watching this snoozefest, let me tell you what happens. He lays it up 6 times, and the other bucket is a floater. How sad is it that the floater is the most exciting part of the video? That should never, ever happen, because floaters are the worst. I am seriously debating whether I should just delete this video and pretend it never happened.

I probably won’t, but only because the thumbnail is so… sad. It’s a good thing Kevin Garnett isn’t in the league anymore, or he’d call Zeller a cancer patient. What happened to his hair?

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