Devin Harris 18 Points Full Highlights (11/21/2018)

My last Devin Harris video was made in April 2018. He was on the Nuggets at that time after having been traded there from the Mavericks, and I was lamenting the fact that he wasn’t a Mav 4 Lyfe like I had hoped he would be. Luckily, he was to become a free agent that off-season, giving him a chance to rejoin the only team that deserves to have him: the Mavericks. Here are the words I wrote:

“Luckily, Harris is a free agent this off-season and can sign with any team he wants, which of course should be the Mavericks and not the Nuggets or the Nets or the Hawks.”

This is item of evidence #2 that I’m actually a prophet and I didn’t even realize it. There are 29 other teams in the league but I predicted (or, more accurately, prophesized) that Harris would end up on the Mavs. Some people might doubt my prophethood, calling my prophecy “obvious” or “lucky”, but those people are just jealous that God chose me to be his mouthpiece on Earth and that they didn’t get the job.

I’ve already started working on the tenets of my new religion and the holy book should be done some time in the next week. Then all I need to do is determine what my official holy costume will be (probably robes of some kind), what my official holy symbol will be (something with an arrow, I think), and which city will be my official holy city. I’m thinking somewhere not in the Middle East, just for security reasons.

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