Landry Shamet 15 Points Full Highlights (11/21/2018)

I don’t know if Landry Shamet has yet earned the nickname “Shamwow”, but I’m gonna go ahead and bestow him the nickname anyway. He can keep it. It’s a good nickname and it was just sitting on my nickname shelf gathering dust with nobody to use it.

What I will say about Shamwow is that, in this game, the aesthetic quality of his three-pointer was seriously lacking. And I’m not just talking about the non-existent arc on his shot. I’m talking about how three of his four three-pointers rattled through the rim instead of swishing through the net. It was so egregious that even one of the commentators felt compelled to point it out. In my opinion, non-swished threes should only be worth two points because you obviously aren’t an accurate enough shooter to earn the full three points.

I tried to get this rule enacted at my local gym to test its feasibility, but everybody there made fun of me about it and it got so bad that I don’t even go there anymore. It’s easy to get jealous about my extremely pure shooting stroke, but they didn’t need to be such buttmunches about it.

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