Jusuf Nurkic 22 Points Full Highlights (11/23/2018)

I’m having flashbacks to a game last year where the Damian Lillard/Jusuf Nurkic pick-and-roll was as unstoppable as it was tonight. Was that game also against the Warriors? Are the Warriors especially susceptible to pick-and-rolls? It’s all so hazy. I can remember clearly the games where Nurkic was used as a Jokic-esque elbow passer (no, not the Jason Williams kind of elbow passer), but I can’t remember the games where he’s a dunk machine after setting a screen at the top of the arc.

Man, now I’m getting all nostalgic for when he was trying to be like Nikola Jokic right after getting traded from the Nuggets. It kind of worked for a few games, he was getting some nice assists to cutters, but then it was nothing but turnovers and frustration as teams figured him out. Can the Blazers go back to that version of Nurkic for one game? Please? It would be so much fun.

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