Landry Shamet 16 Points Full Highlights (11/25/2018)

With his 8.2 points per game, Landry “Shamwow” Shamet is the best-scoring outside-the-lottery player in last year’s draft. He’s also the ninth highest-scoring player in the draft overall. The Sixers might be missing out on Zhaire Smith and whatever he would be doing, but at least they uncovered a guy with the 26th pick that was ready to shoot NBA-distance three pointers right out of the box. It almost makes up for that other guy they recently drafted who’s STILL not even close to being able to shoot NBA-distance three pointers.

I’m sure it was helpful for Shamet to come into a system where most of the players were already used to the presence of a quick-trigger three-point shooter who runs off screens (J.J. Redick). Shamet could basically insert himself into that situation just by pretending he was J.J. Redick whenever he was on the court and now he gets all kinds of great looks from three. Meanwhile, plenty of other NBA coaches are still trying to figure out how best to utilize their rookies.

Then again, most NBA coaches would rather have J.J. Redick 0.5 to stick into their lineup rather than whatever crappy, unskilled, raw rookie their GM stuck them with.

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