Malcolm Brogdon 23 Points Full Highlights (11/24/2018)

Quick quiz: how paid is Malcolm “Junkyard Brog” Brogdon gonna get this offseason?

a.) Hella paid (think max contract here)
b.) Very well paid (twelve to sixteen mil per year)
c.) Moderately paid (eight to twelve mil per year)
d.) Not very well paid (four to eight mil pear year)
e.) Minimally paid (sub four mil per year)
f.) Not paid (out of basketball and forced to retire)

Quick quiz question two: who is gonna be paying Malcom “The Cybrog” Brogdon this offseason?

a.) Milwaukee Bucks
b.) Non-Bucks Finals contender looking for a guard to boost their bench
c.) Non-Bucks playoff team looking for a third or fourth option to complement their existing stars
d.) Non-playoff team looking for a second banana
e.) Bottom of the standings team trying to see if Brogdon can succeed as a first option
f.) European team

Quick quiz question three: how clutch is Malcolm “Brogdog” Brogdon?

a.) Supremely clutch
b.) Clutch
c.) Neither clutch nor unclutch
d.) Very not clutch

Be aware that any wrong answers posted in the comments will result in the commenter’s YouTube account getting hacked by Russians (at my direction) who will then post embarrassing, nonsensical conspiracy theory videos on your channel.

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