Marvin Williams 20 Points Full Highlights (11/25/2018)

The final installment of DTB’s exciting and oft-requested “Marvins of the NBA” series has us witnessing Marvin “W-Marv” Williams scoring 20 heart-pumping points and nearly leading his team to victory over the mighty Atlanta Hawks! Watch with astonishment as he hits three-pointer after three-pointer! Gaze in awe at his towering physique! Gasp as he snatches rebounds from the air in a dazzling aerial display! Tremble in fears as he advances menacingly towards a man in the front row who he thought he heard call him a bust!

Part one of “Marvins of the NBA” featured Marvin “B-Marv” Bagley scoring 18 points in an entertaining fashion. Many awards and accolades were furnished on DownToBuck for the creation of this work. But nothing can prepare the viewer for what they are about to see in part two!

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