Jeremy Lamb 21 Points Full Highlights (11/26/2018)

Since I have transcended such mindless human distractions as “sports team alliances”, I feel absolutely no anger or frustration after the Bucks’ loss to the Hornets. And even if I did feel some of those emotions in the immediate aftermath of the loss, I definitely wouldn’t be feeling them now, nine hours later. Absolutely not. Human emotions are foreign to me and that includes the emotions that tribalistic feeble-minded manchildren feel when their preferred sports team loses in heartbreaking fashion to the opposing sports team.

Since I exist on a higher emotional plane than the simpletons who I have the displeasure of calling my fellow man, I also do not harbor any resentment towards Jeremy Lamb and the assortment of tough shots he hit against the Bucks. With a clear mind, I can state that banked-in threes should not count, but I am not angry towards Lamb as a person. At all. Not even a little bit. I would never do something like order fifty jumbo orders of extra-spicy buffalo wings and have them delivered to his house as punishment, because the concept of petty revenge is completely foreign to me. I laugh at the weak humans who give in so easily to their emotions.

DTB Pro Tip: Did you know that there are some pizza places that will give you a catering discount if you order that many wings?

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