Domantas Sabonis 21 Points Full Highlights (11/27/2018)

Not to sound needy or ungrateful, but can we get some of the old three-point shooting Domantas Sabonis mixed back in with this new version? He was only that way because Wesbrook made him stand in the corner and be marginalized, but it was valuable experience that he is now failing to use. He’s 4 of 5 this year from deep, which means that he can try chucking a few per game and if it doesn’t work out his percentage is still okay. Just 1 or 2 attempts per contest, that’s not even that many. He probably passes up twice that many nightly.

Otherwise, there’s not much to criticize when it comes to Sabonis. You can definitely criticize the Pacers for not playing him more, but just by himself he’s basically a perfect power foward. He’s leading the league in Win Shares per 48, a stat which is of unclear meaning but it does seem to sort the league roughly by goodness. Does that mean that Sabonis is the best player in the league?


He’s also the second most pink player in the league, after Mason Plumlee.

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