Furkan Korkmaz 13 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (11/30/2018)

Furkan “The Motherfurker” “Korverkmaz” Korkmaz seems to be doing okay after reportedly demanding a trade a month ago. He’s still on the 76ers, I haven’t heard any other murmurings of discontent, and now he’s even getting to play minutes! And not just the garbagey ones. Real ones. Sometimes. Not all the time, but more than before.

He’s definitely earned the “The Motherfurker” nickname, because I transferred to him in an elaborate ritual involving him, me, and Furkan Aldemir, but I’m not sure yet about “Korverkmaz”. That insane Summer League game he had certainly showed him to be a willing three-point gunner, but he’s not making them at a great rate yet in the big leagues. His form looks good enough where I imagine it will start working eventually, and when it does, that just means another shooter to help space the floor for Ben Simmons.

However, the 76ers really shouldn’t be in a position of having to rely on Landry Shamet and maybe Korkmaz for perimeter spacing. That was a mistake made during the offseason, but it doesn’t seem to be hurting them too bad. Yet. I’m waiting for the Fultz-induced collapse some time in the next month.

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