Jamal Crawford 18 Points Full Highlights (11/30/2018)

Jamal Crawford already ran Isaiah Canaan out of town by, somehow, being the superior player. However, the rest of the guards on the roster are too young or too skilled to chase off the team, so if Crawford wants to get more playing time, he’s just going to have to convince Igor that his status as a very old NBA veteran confers him certain benefits, such as a guaranteed twenty minutes per game off the bench. He’ll also have to prove to Igor that his poor shot selection, nonexistent defense, and inability to consistently move the ball are all assets that make it preferable to play him over Okobo and Melton.

I will give credit where credit is due. Crawford knew exactly which situation was likely to give him the most minutes, and that situation was a team who was projected to be at the bottom of the standings and who severely lacked in NBA-caliber point guards. He doesn’t need or want a ring. He just wants to get more minutes on the court while his ageless body troops on towards two decades in the NBA.

Crawford used to really annoy as a player, and in fact he still does, but at this point I’m more in awe of his longevity than anything else. Why does he look like he’s 24 years old? If he’s in possession of anti-aging serum, can I have some?

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