John Collins 19 Points Full Highlights (11/30/2018)

You can tell that Hawks commentator Dominique Wilkins is a little bit agitated with John Collins’ role on the team. Multiple times in this video he opines that Collins needs more touches and needs to be emphasized more in the offense overall. The impact of that statement isn’t as hard-hitting given that Collins was tied for most field goal attempts on the team in this game (Trae Young also had 15 attempts), but the point is well-taken; if you have a guy on your team averaging fifteen points per game on 58% shooting, it seems smart to try to give him a bigger role to see if he can handle it.

Collins has flashed a three-point shot in the past, and while it’s not falling for him this year, he does have a jumpshot that is known to work. He’s also shown the ability to hit hook shots from various points around the rim and even outside the lane. What I’m saying is, he’s not just a “catch lobs and collect offensive rebounds” kind of guy, even though he’s good at those things too. He’s like Dwight Powell 2.0 with the potential to become Dwight Powell 5.0, and don’t think that’s an insult because I love Dwight Powell more than I love Pop-Tarts.

‘Nique is doing his part to make sure that Collins will turn into Dwight Powell 5.0. By subtly suggesting to the average viewer that Collins is being misused, the public pressure on coaching and the front office to enact a change will mount, and we might see more minutes or more emphasis on Collins. I wish my opinions could have that much impact. Luke Babbitt would be an All-Star right now instead of sitting on his couch talking to his hair.

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