Malcolm Brogdon 22 Points Full Highlights (12/1/2018)

I’m getting pretty tired of the Bucks losing these close games. In my rational mind I am aware that a team’s win-loss record in games decided by one possession is basically random, and they do have a few close victories, but my irrational mind wonders why all these 2- and 3-point losses can’t be wins. You know how good the Bucks’ record would be if they could win close games? They’d have only lost one time this year. Now I know how Hornets fans feel.

The main problem with these close games is that my fragile little body can’t handle the tension. I still retain the tribal mindset of my distant monkeyoid ancestors, and no matter what I do I can’t help but feel all stressed out when the Bucks are battling out a tight game. At least when they were getting blown out all the time when I first became a fan I could enjoy the games for what they were. Is it even fun anymore, having all these expectations? Every loss feels like the whole world is judging the Bucks, and by extension, me.

Maybe I should just become a Suns fan. Then I can enjoy pure basketball again. Is the YouTube username FunsInTheSuns taken yet?

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