Frank Kaminsky 19 Points Full Highlights (12/2/2018)

What’s going on with Frank Kaminsky? He’s been collecting a lot of DNP-CDs this year despite the Hornets’ center rotation being quite assy. Is the trio of Cody Zeller, Willy Hernangomez, and Bismack Biyombo really enough to push him out of the rotation entirely? No way. Cody Zeller is supposedly really god-damn good, fine. But those other two dudes? I refuse to believe that Kaminsky can’t earn minutes over them.

UPDATE: Biyombo plays even less which is funny. What a roller coaster career for that dude.

I’ve dissed Kaminsky a whole bunch in the past for being inefficient and having short arms and all sorts of other stuff, but it’s not like he was BAD or anything last year for Charlotte. He was okay. Definitely, really, super playable. I dissed him because he was good enough to get dissed. It was complimentary dissing, in a way.

Tonight, he got dusted off, presumably because he knows the secrets to kicking Anthony Davis’ butt on account of growing up with him (thanks Charlotte commentator for that tidbit that I legimitately didn’t know). It worked in the sense that Kaminsky got 19 points, by far a season high. It didn’t work in the sense that the Hornets lost and Davis put up 36/19/8/2/2. Small victories, though. Maybe Kaminsky will be playable in the future!

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