Montrezl Harrell 23 Points Full Highlights (12/2/2018)

I see Montrezl Harrell doing this on a regular basis, but even though my eyes see clearly, my brain still doesn’t really know what’s going on. How is he scoring so many points? Does he ever miss when he’s around the basket? Someone smarter than me needs to tell me how this keeps happening, because we’re WAY too far into the season for his 17 points per game to be an outlier, never mind that he was doing the same type of things last year in fewer minutes.

Maybe he is just one more piece of evidence that wingspan really means a lot in the NBA and it took people several decades to realize. Then again, I’m going to be making a J.J. Redick vid later, in addition to the Frank Kaminsky vid I already uploaded, and those are the two dudes in the NBA who are taller than their wingspan.

Harrell does have a talent for rising to dunk it when it really seems like he shouldn’t be able to. That leads to a lot of extra points that most centers wouldn’t be able to get. I’m going to guess that he’s in the top 10 in dunks this year. More specifically, 7th. Let’s see if I’m right.

I’m wrong. He’s 8th with 46 slammers (before tonight), two behind Anthony Davis and tied with his old sparring partner DeAndre Jordan. He’s also 50 behind the league leader, Giannis. Still good enough for a really sick dunkilation, but not as sick as Giannis’, which is going to be utterly mindblowing.

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