Damyean Dotson 17 Points Full Highlights (12/3/2018)

Knicks fans really need to work harder on hyping up Damyean Dotson. They have a second-round sophomore averaging 12 points per game, and I never hear anything about him. Come on, New Yorkians. Do you ever hear Warriors fans shutting up about Jordan Bell? No, they’re crowing endlessly about how they got a steal in the draft. Even a fanbase like the Rockets likes to remind people how they stole Gary Clark. GARY CLARK. That dude is like a million times worse than Dotson. Just because you’re busy hyping up Allonzo Trier (which is admirable, but your work there could be better also) doesn’t mean that Dotson needs to be ignored.

Looking at the second-round of the 2017 draft, where Dotson was drafted 44th, it appears that no one there is playing better right now, except for maybe Monte Morris. Maybe Dillon Brooks too but he’s injured and not playing right now. Even so, Dotson’s a total steal. Shooting is surprisingly hard to come by if you care about the player being actually competent in the NBA, but he’s going out there and just canning jumpers.

This is my final warning. If I don’t see some Twitter hashtags, Reddit AMA’s, and Tumblr blogs, all in support of Dotson, I’m going to take matters into my own hands.

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